3 Tips For Preparing The Outside Of Your Home Before Having Your Shingled Roof Replaced

If you are preparing your home for having your shingled roof replaced, you may have already taken steps to protect the inside of your home, such as taking down any pictures and storing your breakable knickknacks. However, you should also prepare the outside of your home as well. Use the following tips to get your property ready for the construction on your roof. Move Any Outdoor Furniture Or Ornaments If you have any patio or lawn furniture, move them into your storage building or garage for the duration of the roof replacement project.

Why A Green Roof May Be The Perfect Choice For Your Home

If you're looking to replace your roof, there are a number of considerations to make.  One of your primary concerns will likely be which material to use, with some of the more traditional options being asphalt or wooden shingles.  However, there is an alternative roofing option that may work even better for you:  A green roof.  As its name states, a green roof is covered in natural shrubbery such as grass or even flowers.

Things You Should Know About Investing In A Metal Roof

Are you thinking about getting a metal roof installed on your house but don't know if it's a bad idea? You will be happy to know that opting for a metal roof is actually a good investment that will be beneficial in numerous ways. In this article, you will discover the answers to some of the questions that you might have concerning metal roofs. Will There Be a Variety of Design Options?

Fixes for Flat Rubber Roofs

If your home has a flat roof, chances are it is an EPDM membrane roof, also known as a rubber roof. This type of roof consists of a membrane that protects your home from moisture and weather. There are some common issues that can occur with a flat roof, though. The following maintenance guide can help you avoid these issues or repair them if they do occur. Issue: Poor drainage

4 Ways To Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

People in the US are known for using a lot of energy in their homes, using approximately 11,700 kWh every year. The US is the second highest ranked country when it comes to energy use, right behind Canada. It's understandable that households are looking for different ways that they can reduce the energy they use to power their home every single year. Follow these tips to help improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.