How to Replace Rotted Rafter Tails

If you have a rotten roof-rafter tail, it should be replaced right away. Leaking is commonly a sign of damage. Leaving a roof rafter without repair can cause extensive damage. A DIY person should be able to replace the rafter, but it helps to have some carpentry experience. Here are tips to replace rotted roof-rafter tails. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves portable scaffold or extension ladder tape measure garbage bin waterproof wood filler two-inch deck screws 16D  nails hammer and nail bar pry bar cordless drill with screw tip reciprocating saw and metal cutting blade circular saw paint supplies (optional) replacement roofing material (optional) two-by-four boards Set the scaffold on flat ground and adjust it as you move along.

Remove Rust From A Garden Shed's Roof And Apply Sealer To The Treated Surface

If the edges of the metal roof on your garden shed have rusted, treat the corroded areas by completing the steps below. After finishing, apply a coat of rust-inhibiting sealer on the roof's surface to protect it from rusting again. Materials ladder roofing detergent water hose bucket scrub brush (with stiff bristles) cordless nail puller nail gun roofing nails hand sander sandpaper (low grit) naval jelly foam brush plastic sheeting scissors painter's tape rust-inhibiting sealer mixing stick paint tray paint roller, frame, and handle Clean The Metal, Replace Hardware, And Remove Rust

Questions To Ask When Extending Your Roof To An Addition

Adding an addition to your home adds many building challenges, not least of which is how to put a roof over the area without detracting from the original home's aesthetic appeal or practicality. Here are some of the questions that you can ask with your roof repair contractor during the planning process. What Will the Form of the Roof Be? The first thing to consider is what the new roofing structure will look like.

Three Common Spots for Roof Leaks

Although some roof leaks are very straightforward and easy to identify and remediate, others are sneaky and resist discovery. Instead of dripping or causing water damage directly under the problem spot, the leak may run along the underside of the roof for a long time before dripping. If you have a leak that you're having a hard time identifying, be sure to check for damage in any of these three common trouble spots.

The Best Color Combinations For A Gorgeous Roof

You can sometimes repaint your roof if you aren't happy with the color, but doing so can be an absolute pain given how hard it is to climb on top of the roof to perform the paint job. Therefore, it is a better idea to put a lot of time and effort into selecting the perfect color for your roof far head of time. Consider Your Climate One of the most significant decisions is choosing between a light colored and dark colored roof.