3 Tips To Handle Emergency Roof Damage

A damaged roof is cause for alarm. Some types of roof damage develop slowly over time. Others are the result of a sudden event.

Emergency roof damage can be difficult to deal with. This type of damage offers you no opportunity to prepare, and it has the potential to wreak havoc on the structural stability of your home.

Remember these three tips the next time a severe storm or falling tree limb unexpectedly damages your roof.

1. Provide Temporary Protection

The first thing you want to do when emergency roof damage occurs is provide your roof with temporary protection against the elements. A damaged roof is extremely vulnerable. Moisture can easily infiltrate your home through damaged areas, causing additional damage to occur.

Temporary protection will help stop damage from progressing while you wait for an experienced roofer to repair your home.

Some homeowners utilize plywood to cover roof damage. Other homeowners like to place a tarp over the damaged area. Any type of covering that protects your damaged roof against water infiltration will work to limit the amount of damage your roof sustains.

2. Mitigate Damage

Once you have protected your damaged roof against the elements, it's time to mitigate the damage by doing some cleanup.

Remove any expensive furniture that might get ruined by a leak. Eliminate any standing water from your home's roof. A damaged roof might not drain properly, and the weight of pooling water can cause a damaged roof to collapse.

By taking the time to clean up immediately after emergency roof damage occurs, you can minimize the amount of damage your property sustains.

3. Contact a Professional

It's important that you reach out for professional help quickly when your roof sustains serious damage. Emergency repairs will be needed to restore the structural integrity of your roof after serious damage occurs.

A roofing contractor who is licensed and insured will be able to help you by performing emergency roof repairs. Most roofers are willing to come to your home quickly and assess the damage.

Repairs can begin immediately so that you don't run the risk of causing further damage to your roof.

Don't let unexpected roof damage cause your household to panic.

Provide temporary protection against the elements, mitigate damages by doing some cleanup, and reach out for professional help quickly whenever unexpected damage compromises the quality of your roof.

These actions will help you successfully get your damaged roof back in solid condition.