Caring For A Metal Roof

If your house has a metal roof, you must take of it to prevent problems and ensure durability, just like you would take care of other roofs. Below are some specific maintenance practices for metal roofs.

Discourage Food Traffic

The metal sheets used for roofing are relatively thin compared to other roofing materials. Given the nature of metal, these sheets can easily dent or tear up if you subject them to great forces. Thus, you should discourage foot traffic on the roof to reduce the risk of damage to the roof. Don't forget that even damages that don't cause holes on the roof are dangerous because they increase the risk of corrosion.

Clean the Roof

All roofs need to be clean, but cleanliness is particularly important for metal roofs. Roof debris blocks the flow of water on the roof. For example, a collection of leaves in the roof valleys can keep the roof wet all the time, and water encourages metal corrosion. Secondly, the debris may attract pests to the roof, and pests can cause roof damage.

Keep Dissimilar Metals Away

When different metals come into contact with each other, a chemical reaction occurs between them and causes one of them to corrode more than the other. Ensure that any metal that goes onto your roof is similar to the material already on the roof. For example, if you have an aluminum roof, then you should only use aluminum for repairing damaged sections of the roof or as roof flashing. Otherwise, your roof will soon corrode, and corrosion is one cause for roof leaks.

Trim Trees around the House

Tree branches around the house can scratch the roof and damage its paint protection. The branches or even whole trees can also fall on the roof, especially during storms, and damage it. Tree leaves, flowers, and seeds can also fall and accumulate on the roof and interfere with roof drainage.

Perform Regular Repairs

Lastly, regular inspections should also be part of your metal roof maintenance. The inspector will look out for issues such as missing or loose fasteners, damaged or missing flashing, paint scratches, and holes that can lead to roof leaks. Prompt repair of such problems will prevent bigger issues down the road.

Some of the necessary maintenance practices (such as cleaning) are things you can do on your own. Once in a while, however, you need a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof and take care of problems that require a professional's touch.

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