Commercial Roofing Tips For Spring

As Old Man Winter fades away, you'll have an opportunity to do a full inspection of your commercial building and take a closer look at any damage that the previous season has wrought. But while you are checking your plumbing, your HVAC system, and your electrical work, don't forget to also inspect your roof. Here are some commercial roofing tips to keep in mind this spring.

Even One Bad Shingle Can Lead to Serious Problems

Winter can be rough on roofs thanks to all of the snow and ice your roof shingles have to deal with. It's more than possible that at least one shingle or two has taken the full brunt of winter's wrath and has now gone bad. While one bad shingle might not seem like an issue, it should be treated seriously. One bad shingle can lead to one bad leak, and if that leak comes down in an area of your building where you have expensive equipment or important safety protocols, you could end up dealing with disaster. If you notice a problem on your commercial roof, don't delay in getting it fixed.

Check the Flashing As Well

Your flashing is what keeps the area secure after the installation of a foreign object on the roof. Typically, residential homes have flashing around the chimney or a satellite dish, but a commercial roof can have many more spots where something has been installed. In particular, many commercial roofs are the permanent home base for various components of your HVAC system, like a huge fan or two. While you're up there checking the shingles, make sure you pay special attention to the flashing that surrounds any of these additional installations. Flashing can sometimes weaken the roof and let in a bit of melting ice and snow, leaving you with another leak on your hands.

Stop Moss, Algae and Mold From Developing

All of that melted ice that your roof had to deal with over the winter may have also provided the perfect environment for some unwanted guests to start growing. Springtime is when moss and algae are most commonly seen developing on rooftops. If you leave this unchecked, you could also end up getting mold that could get inside the walls of your building. A regular commercial roof cleaning will eradicate any developing moss or mold and leave your roof looking great.

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