3 Great Commercial Roof Materials

When it comes to finishing a commercial roof, most building owners are more interested in functionality and durability over anything else. That is, they are usually less concerned with style because they want to keep down their overall construction costs. Also, commercial roofs are often flat and you cannot even see the roofing material from the floor, so people don't really care what they look like. The majority of commercial roofing products have a plain or neutral style and they are made out of more durable materials. But, this is not to say that all commercial roofs need to be ugly and ordinary. There are some materials that are strong and beautiful. This article looks at some of the most prominent roofing materials used on commercial buildings.


Asphalt is a very good compromise because it can be both stylish and durable. Asphalt is actually also a very common roofing material on residential buildings. But, the type of asphalt that is used on commercial buildings is usually different in a few ways. For example, it is often thicker so that it has better insulation and it lasts longer. This means that, after the asphalt roof is installed on a commercial building, it will last longer and need less maintenance over the years.

The great thing about asphalt roofing products is that they come so many different colors. Most people who own commercial buildings want rather subtle colors. For example, you will have no problem finding the popular brown or gray color to match most buildings.


Foam is actually very popular on buildings with flat roofs. It is a great material because it is very affordable and easy to install. Most foam roofing products are applied using a pneumatic spray. The foam is usually white in color. It can be painted very easily. It is an extremely smooth and waterproof surface that is easy to clean. It drains water very well, so it is great in wet climates.


Concrete is another very popular choice for commercial roofs. That is, it is usually possible to not add an asphalt or foam texture on top of your concrete. It is also mostly used on flat roofs. Concrete roofs don't have the longest lifespan because they can often buckle under their own weight over time. It Is usually smarter to cover your concrete to protect it from water damage, and give it a longer lifespan.

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