Mistakes That Can Void Your Roof's Warranty

The type of warranty on your new roof is dependent on the material's manufacturer and any warranties offered by your contractor. For example, your roof might feature a labor and materials warranty, which covers any imperfection in the materials and the missteps made by the people who installed the roof. No matter what the warranty, there are limits to what is covered and it is possible to void your coverage.

Here are a few common mistakes homeowners make that can void their roof's warranty.

Installing A Skylight, Antenna, or Satellite Dish

Attaching an antenna or satellite dish to your roof, or creating a hole to accommodate a skylight, can cause damage to the shingles and underlayment. Read your warranty carefully before having anything installed on your roof. The warranty might not be completely voided, but you could lose some coverage.

For example, because you or a professional installer must drill holes in the roof to attach the antenna or satellite dish or cut out an entire portion of the roof for a skylight, any leaks that occur afterwards will not be covered by your warranty. In some cases, your entire warranty could be voided, which means that any leaks that occur in the future that have nothing to do with the installation won't be covered.

Pressure Washing Your Roof

Mold, moss, algae and other types of nuisance plants can grow on your roof. If you don't remove this growth, severe damage can occur. A pressure washer worked well to remove unwanted stains and growth from your siding, so it should safely eliminate it from my roof, right? The highly-pressurized water can rip the shingles off your roof.

Damage that is caused by the pressure washer will not be covered by your manufacturer's warranty.  Additionally, using the pressure washer could completely void the warranty and you will lose any coverage in the future.

Working With an Unlicensed Contractor

Finally, hiring a licensed, experienced roofing contractor will not only ensure your roofing system is installed correctly, it will help prevent your warranty from being voided. An unlicensed contractor, including yourself, is not experienced enough to correctly install the materials, which includes using the right type of nails and correctly spacing them apart.

From hiring an unlicensed contractor to install your roof to removing mold, mildew, and moss with a pressure washer, there are several mistakes homeowners make that can void their manufacturer's roofing warranty.  Contact a roofing service for more help.