3 Important Questions To Ask Your Roofer Before Deciding To Change Roofing Materials

Are you planning to remodel your home next year? As part of the remodel, have you been thinking about putting on a brand new roof to go with the brand new look? If you're simply wanting to replace your current roof with the same type of roof, the process is fairly straightforward. But if you're wanting to switch to a different type of material, this is when things can get complicated. Before you decide that you absolutely must have a particular roofing material, here are some things that you should ask a roofing specialist:

Can the current structure support the new material? Clay tile shingles need a lot of support, so if you're switching from them to almost any other roofing material then you should be fine. But if you're switching from asphalt shingles to some other material, especially clay, this may be more difficult. Different roofing materials have different weights and the current structure may not be able to support the weight of a different material. In some instances, this may simply mean adding extra trusses and beams in your attic or crawlspace to support the additional weight, but other houses may not be able to be retrofitted this way. You'll need to talk to a professional roofer to find out.

Do you have much experience working with these materials? In some areas of the country, certain types of roofs are more popular than others. For instance, wood or faux wood shingles can be more popular in the northern parts of the United States while clay tile shingles are relatively popular in the southern United States and asphalt shingles are relatively universal. If you're wanting a roofing material that is uncommon in your area, you need to make sure that the roofer you choose has as much experience as possible with installing this material.

How long does a project like this typically take? Although simply ripping an existing asphalt shingle roof off and replacing it with another asphalt shingle roof may only take a week or so to complete, the process can be significantly longer when you're changing the materials. This is especially true if it turns out that your roof will need additions to be able to support the new roofing materials. Knowing how long it'll take will help you to decide exactly when to schedule the roofing change. If it's going to take a significant amount of time, you may want to have them show up early to get started first so that everything will be completed at roughly the same time.

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