Choose a Modern Deck Design That Is Unique and Spacious

A deck will increase the amount of living space that you have access to and will add dimension, appeal, and functionality to the front, side, or back of your house. If you are looking to add a feature that is unique, think about choosing one of the following modern deck designs.

Incorporates Trees

You love the trees that are growing in your yard and have no intention of having them cut down, but you think that they are hindering your ability to have a deck installed. Actually, this is not true at all—as long as each tree's trunk has matured in size and there isn't a lot of foliage dangling toward the ground, the trees on your property can be incorporated in a new deck's design.

A deck builder will measure the circumference of each trunk and create holes in a wooden platform that will support each trunk. Choose beveled edging or a stone border to outline each hole's exterior to provide the decking with contrasting lines and interesting details. Floodlights are an additional feature that will play up portions of each trunk and add visibility to a tree-hugging deck.

Choose Multiple Levels

A multi-leveled surface can be used for various activities. Choose a decking material that complements your home's rooftop or its siding. Then decide upon a layout that will support your grill, patio furnishings, a fire pit, hammocks, and additional items that you would like to add to each level.

Multiple levels will be handy if you are going to be overseeing outdoor dinner parties or have a large family. Instead of everyone being crammed into one area, which could be aggravating during times that several activities are taking place, furnishings and people can be separated. One level can be used solely for cooking, another for relaxing, and one for playing games or additional social activities.

Separate Landscaped Sections

If you have seasonal plants, a vegetable garden, or flowerbeds accenting a part of your property, a deck that is installed alongside the landscaped sections will not only separate the sections, but it will also provide a convenient area that can be used while appreciating the beauty of the homegrown items.

Knotty pine, dark maple, or rustic cedar are three decking materials that will blend in well with the natural landscaping and that will not require tons of upkeep. Choose to have a bench built into the sides of a deck to add plenty of space to sit and observe landscape features on your property.

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