A Few Things To Look For When You Need A Roofing Contractor

While there are many construction-type tasks around the house you can do yourself or have a handyman take care of, when it comes to the roof you should seriously consider hiring a professional roofing contractor. Of course, this means you need to find a contractor to do the work. You probably know to check references, licenses, and insurance; however, there are other things you should always look for before hiring roofing contractors.

A Local Company

There are many companies that will travel an hour or more to do a job. While this might not seem like a long distance, and you might consider them to be local, there can be enough of a difference in temperatures to require a few different things in regards to a roof. In addition, a local company will be easier to contact and get back to the house if there is a problem that needs to be corrected. 

Check the Better Business Bureau

Even though a company provides references for their work, it doesn't mean they do good work all the time. It is possible they have a few workers who do great work and a few who do not-so-great work. When it comes time to give references they will only give you the names of the customers who were very satisfied with the job. To make sure there are not a lot of complaints about the company (everyone is bound to get a few complaints), check with the Better Business Bureau.

Payments Accepted

While it may not seem like a big deal, you should try to pay for the job done with a credit card instead of cash. If you do not have enough on your credit card, try to use another form of payment that offers some type of protection if there is a problem with the work done. If this is not possible, discuss payments for the job. While they may require some type of payment up front, do not pay more than 1/2 of the total. It would be best to give 1/3 up front, 1/3 halfway through when you are satisfied with the work so far, and the remaining 1/3 after the job is complete and you have had a chance to live with it for at least 30 days (hopefully it will have rained during that time).

Do not be afraid to talk with multiple roofing contractors about a job you need done. You can even discuss what was offered by one contractor to see if another will offer a better price. However, the lowest price is not always the way to go. You want the job to be done well so you do not need to have more work before the roof is safe and keeps water from getting into the house.