Questions To Ask When Extending Your Roof To An Addition

Adding an addition to your home adds many building challenges, not least of which is how to put a roof over the area without detracting from the original home's aesthetic appeal or practicality. Here are some of the questions that you can ask with your roof repair contractor during the planning process.

What Will the Form of the Roof Be?

The first thing to consider is what the new roofing structure will look like. Are you able to extend the existing slope of the roof to cover your addition? This may be possible if the existing slope is reasonable enough to give plenty of head space to your home addition. It would also depend on the structure of the previous roof, and whether your roofing addition would need to rely on more structure than that. There's also the option of creating multiple peaks within the roofing structure. This can be great for keeping each area self-contained, and it may even add visual interest to the home when done right.

How Can We Avoid Water Drainage Issues?

Another thing that can come up is water drainage issues. Hopefully, your old roof was designed so that water would easily flow off at several points. If you change the slope of the roof, you may end up with an area where water pools or drains off more slowly. That's why it's important to have a professional look over your roofing plans to find practical issues.

How Will the Roof Mesh with the Old?

Planning a roof addition isn't just about the new materials; it's also about the old. If you have one side of the home that has brand new materials, and other side has missing shingles, it creates an imbalance. You might want to plan for a roofing renovation on your main home before you start with a roofing installation. The contractor would go through and repair damaged areas and put a new coat of finish on.

These are only a few of the questions that may come up during the roofing design phase. As you can probably imagine, it's much easier to work with a roof repair contractor from the beginning, so that they can point out any obstacles that may interfere with your roofing plans. With a great design in hand and solid construction throughout the process, you can build a roof that is an asset to your new, expanded home.