The Best Color Combinations For A Gorgeous Roof

You can sometimes repaint your roof if you aren't happy with the color, but doing so can be an absolute pain given how hard it is to climb on top of the roof to perform the paint job. Therefore, it is a better idea to put a lot of time and effort into selecting the perfect color for your roof far head of time.

Consider Your Climate

One of the most significant decisions is choosing between a light colored and dark colored roof. Light colored roofs are more reflective, allowing for light to bounce off of the roof and helping to keep the home cooler. Dark colored roofs absorb heat, which makes them ideal for roofs in cooler climates where heat absorption would be beneficial.

Choose A Roof Based On Your Bricks

If your home is constructed using brick, the bricks are permanent. Make sure that the shingles on your roof are selected based on the color of the brick because the brick cannot be changed. Choose a color that matches the color of your bricks well.

Great combinations for homes include the following:

  • Dark grey or black with blue or light grey
  • Brown roofing with cream brown or a tan-colored home
  • Dark grey or black shingles with a white home
  • Green, red or yellow homes with black, brown or grey roofs

Choose Neutral Colors if You Want A Timeless Home

If you intend to sell your home or if you are concerned about whether your home will look trendy in a few years, stick with neutral colors, which tend to stay in style. Do not use very colorful roofs unless you are more worried about whether your home will look trendy or if you are trying to achieve a specific look. For instance, if you would like your home to look like it would fit in a French countryside, choose a blue-green roof. If you would like a more Spanish-style roof, choose an orange-clay option. A red roof with blue and white siding is ideal if you are aiming for a more nautical look.

It is difficult to create hard and fast rules for how to pick the best roof color because this is a very subjective process. However, these guidelines can make the process somewhat more simple. Spending some time looking at houses, especially the homes of your neighbors, can make the process of detemrining the best color roof for your home much easier. For assistance, talk to a professional like Durable Roofing Company.