Thinking Of Switching To A Metal Roof? Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know

Many homeowners tend to go with roofing that they already have in place when it is time for a replacement. However, choosing a new roof should involve careful consideration of the different types that are available, especially since this is a roof you will be dealing with for many years down the road. Whether you have wooden shake, asphalt shingle, or any other type of roof now, if it is time for replacement, metal roofing is most definitely worth your time to consider. Here are a few things you will find useful to know about metal roofing as a homeowner who is in the market for your next roof. 

Metal roofing has an incredibly long lifespan.

Of all of the different roofing materials, metal is one that is highly admired in the industry for supplying the longer lifespan. If you have a tin metal roof, you can fully expect that it will last 40 or 50 years. If the metal roof you choose is made from galvanized steel, you could even get 60 years or more from one installation. While some other roofing types have long lifespans, none come close to this.

Metal roofing goes on much more quickly than many other roofing types. 

Metal roofing comes in large sheets or panels that are attached in place with fasteners, with the edges overlapped together. On the other hand, other roofing types can involve incredibly complicated installation processes. For example, asphalt shingles are basically small blocks of shingles that are individually attached and overlapped together until the roof is covered. All in all, a metal roof will go on a lot more quickly because of its simplistic design and easier installation. Therefore, choosing metal roofing means you will see your new roof complete in a lot of cases in just a few days. 

Metal roofing can be installed right over a shingled roof for added insulation. 

If you have ever dismissed the idea of getting a metal roof because you believed that all of the shingles would first have to be removed, think again. A metal roof can actually go on right over existing shingles in most cases. In fact, adding a metal roof over a shingled roof just adds an extra layer of insulation on your roof. Plus, having a shingled roof beneath your metal roof will ward off the usual sounds of rainfall that can come along with having a metal roof.