3 Tips For Preparing The Outside Of Your Home Before Having Your Shingled Roof Replaced

If you are preparing your home for having your shingled roof replaced, you may have already taken steps to protect the inside of your home, such as taking down any pictures and storing your breakable knickknacks. However, you should also prepare the outside of your home as well. Use the following tips to get your property ready for the construction on your roof.

Move Any Outdoor Furniture Or Ornaments

If you have any patio or lawn furniture, move them into your storage building or garage for the duration of the roof replacement project. This ensures that they will not only be out of the way of the roofers, but it will also keep them away from any falling shingles or dust that could fall from the roof during the job.

Also, if you have any lawn ornaments, such as statues or a bird feeder, move them as far away from your house as possible. If you do not have any room in your garage, set them in the farthest corner of your property to keep them out of the way.

Mow And Trim Your Lawn

Once you have moved your furniture and ornaments, mow your lawn as short as possible the day before the project begins. Also, trim the grass and weeds around the foundation of your home and along the edge of your porch or deck.

Since shingles and nails may accidentally fall during the roofing project, having your lawn cut short makes them easier to find. This helps the roofers in their cleanup efforts by making the debris easier to find, as well as making it safer for you after the job is completed. If your grass is too tall, a nail could be missed that could later poke you in the foot or become a projectile the next time you mow the grass.

Cover Any Valuable Bushes Or Flowers

If you have any valuable bushes or flower beds adjacent to your home, cover them with clear plastic before the roofing job begins. This protects your greenery from dust and debris. It also marks off the area and helps the roofers by letting them know where to be careful so they can provide their service without unintentional mishap.

Following the above tips can help protect your outdoor property from the dust or debris that happens when having your roof replaced. If you have any questions or unique concerns, you may want to discuss them with the roofer who will be performing your home's roof replacement.