Want To Buy A House With A Bad Roof? Finance A New Metal Roof Into Your Mortgage

If you are interested in purchasing a home but the inspector has reported the roof will need replaced in the near future, see if you can get the cost of new metal roofing included in your home loan. There are a lot of reasons why metal is going to be a great option for the house, and including this project in your home loan may be the easiest way to pay for the roof. Here are a few reasons why metal is the option to choose for replacement.

It's a Smart Investment

 The metal roofing panels are a smart financial investment for the property. The panels can last for 80 years, so replacement costs shouldn't be a concern in the near future or when you own the house. The panels are efficient to reduce your spending on monthly utility costs throughout the year, and to reduce appliance usage to conserve appliance life. Since the roofing material is so robust, you can get an insurance discount when you update to metal. All of these details make spending the money worth it, and you see a return when you go to sell the property.

Avoid Common Roofing Problems

The metal roofing units interlock to hold the panels into place. Water doesn't get through the locking structure, pests can't get through the panels, the sun doesn't weaken the metal structure, and the powder coating finish will hold its color over time. Regular inspections are needed like with any roofing material, but limited maintenance is required.

Fast Roofing Installation

Metal is a material that the installation company can install quickly, so you can schedule to have it done before you move in. When the old roof is removed, ask the roofing company to add a layer of spray foam insulation, which should also be fast for the roofing professional to install.

If the roof is very damaged as it is now, the home mortgage company may not finance the home because the roof is a risk. Talk with the mortgage company to see if they will let you finance the cost of the roof into your home loan, so that the roof is in great condition and the house value is improved before you start to live in the property. If not, see if the current owners are willing to pay for the roofing changes that are needed, or for a portion of the costs.