Common Stucco Siding Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

When it comes to the types of exterior cladding that you could choose for your home, there are always a range of options--from vinyl to brick and everything in between. However, if you prefer a sleek and modern look that gives your home that classic appearance, stucco could easily be an option that you are more interested in as a homeowner. However, stucco may not work best for every home and stucco siding does have its pitfalls. While stucco siding may be ideal for some homes and homeowners, there are a few things that you should know. 

Stucco siding can be prone to dry rot without an adequate roof. 

If your home is designed in a way that it does not have much of an overhang to the roof, stucco may not be the best choice when it comes to siding. It is actually suggested by professionals that homes with stucco have a roof overhang of at least two feet for protection from moisture. This is because stucco can be prone to dry rot with excessive moisture. While homes in dry climates may be fine with stucco and not much of an overhang, an area that receives a lot of rain would not make the best home for a house with stucco siding. 

Changing stucco color can be a difficult feat. 

When you choose a specific color for your stucco siding, you should make certain that this is a color you can stick with for a lot of years. While stucco siding can be painted a different hue down the road, this is a time consuming and sometimes expensive feat. To change the paint of stucco, the exterior must be sandblasted to remove the initial layer of colored material. If this step is not performed by a true professional it can inhibit the stucco siding from warding off moisture down the road. 

Stucco can crack if it is not carefully installed. 

During stucco installation, sand is mixed with emulsifiers and resinous materials that give the siding its known texture. One reason why it is never a good idea to try to DIY a stucco siding project is because the slightest discrepancy in texture can cause cracks as the stucco hardens. Even worse, the cracks may take some time to show up if you hire someone who is inexperienced to do the job. Therefore, you would be stuck with the expense for the repairs. Contact a business, such as Select Exteriors, for more information.