Projects To Incorporate With Your Roofing Remodel

If you've been planning on putting a new roof on your home, there are many things to consider, including budget and roofing type. While a new roof is a project of its own, there are some things that you may want to look at replacing at the same time. Not only will it save you money in the long run, it may also make your new roof stay intact for a longer period of time and improve energy efficiency. Here are a few projects you may want to consider incorporating into a multi-faceted roofing plan.

New Siding

If your siding is just as old as your existing roofing, it may time for an upgrade. Having new house siding put on directly after a roofing application will allow for a better seal of roof edging. New materials will be sized and cut to prevent gaps and promote a seamless flow along the roofline. This also allows you to choose similar colors in trim to create a flawless and professional look. Siding and roofing projects can be time consuming. Be sure to choose a professional contractor that specializes in both.


If you're having a new roof put on your home, make sure that it will be as airtight as possible. Aside of the vents, make sure that all areas where the attic, roofline and siding meet are not losing warm air and taking in cold air. Keep heating and cooling bills down year round by installing new insulation with a high R-value when you have your roof replaced. Popular types include:

  • Blown-in cellulose insulation
  • SPF or spray polyurethane foam insulation
  • Batt or rolled insulation
  • Insulated panels

For large, interior spaces, rolled insulation and insulated panels provide good insulating coverage. For gaps between the roof and attic as well as around doors, SPF and blown-in cellulose insulation works best.

Energy Efficient Windows

Adding new energy efficient windows to your roofing project also aids in making your interior living space more comfortable. Replace windows that are over 10 years old. Choose different varieties of windows that reflect light in the summer and attract light in the winter to allow the sunlight to naturally heat your space. Make sure after they are installed they are also insulated properly. This prevents heat escape and maintains moisture levels in the home—prolonging the life of your roof.

Gutters And Downspouts

Another factor in roof longevity is allowing proper water runoff year round. Now is the time to replace outdated aluminum gutters that place added weight on your roof and edging. Choose new gutters and gutter guards that will accentuate your soffit and fascia. Adding new flashing will also create a seamless design that will enhance curb appeal.

Having all of your home's exterior projects rolled into one will eliminate the need for another large construction project in the near future and improve home value right away. Ask your roofing contractor if he or she can provide any of these other services in addition to the roof replacement.