Tips For Keeping Track Of The Condition Of Your Home's Metal Roof

If your home has an old metal roof, you may be concerned about its condition each year and wonder if there is any way you can determine whether or not it is deteriorating each year. If so, use the following tips to keep track of your roof's condition.

Take Semi-Annual Pictures For Comparison

Even though you may see your roof every day, you may not be able to remember from one year to the next whether a certain spot is starting to sag or if the color starts to change. To keep a visual reminder of what your roof looks like, take pictures of it twice a year, such as the beginning of spring and fall, so you can compare them to previous years.

When taking the pictures, try to stand in the same spots in your yard. Also, take them at the same time and under the same weather conditions. This prevents shade or variations in light from overcast days from distorting the color of the metal.

After you have taken your pictures, compare them to the last ones you took. Look for any sagging in the roof or buckling of the metal sheets. If you see these conditions, your roof may be starting to deteriorate, requiring a roofer to look at it.

Use Binoculars To Detect Areas Of Rust And Deterioration

At the same time that you take your pictures, inspect the roof to see if there are sections of the metal that have started to rust. Also, look to see if there are any seams that have started to crumble and deteriorate. Once you start seeing these signs, your roof may need to be repaired or replaced.

To make this task easier, stand back from your house, and use a pair of binoculars to survey the roof. This keeps you from having to get out a ladder and try to walk on the slippery metal surface of the roof. Also, if you are afraid of heights, using the binoculars allows you to get a fairly close view of the condition of your roof while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Using the above tips can help you detect major damage to your roof. If you find that the roof is starting to sag, buckle or rust, you may want to contact a roofing contractor to have them inspect it and discuss with you whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Contact a business, such as Leon Construction, for more information.