3 Architectural Roof Types That Deserve Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are elegant, durable, and weather-resistant. The shingles are available in a wide range of nature-made colors that can be mixed and matched for a custom look. Slate roofing is one of the more expensive shingle options, but the end result is elegant, timeless, and perfectly suited to your home.

There are certain architectural roof types that are particularly deserving of slate roofing. Here are the styles where slate shingles would shine the brightest.


Gambrel roofs are a common sight on Colonial and Colonial-inspired homes. The roof features two sides that slope upwards to eventually come together at the peak. Midway up the roof the angel of those segments changes to become more steep upwards. This creates an interesting but subtle two-tiered effect.

Why is slate roofing made for a gambrel roof? The majority of the roof -- on some houses everything but the peak -- is visible from the road. So you have a lot of surface area to show off.

The Colonial-style houses that most often feature this roof style also tend to have dormers -- or protruding architectural elements that provide extra storage inside. The dormers also have small slanted roofs that are at least partially visible from the road.


A hipped roof often appears on American Foursquare or French-inspired homes. The roof has four sides that all slope upwards to meet at the peak. So this roof style also has a large surface area visible from the road that deserves the elegance of slate shingles. But there's an additional reason slate shingles look so lovely on a hipped roof.

The steep angles of the roof mean that the house itself looks very square or rectangular. While the angles of the roof offset that squareness, you could add further visual interest to break up the lines of the home. Slate shingles tend to be rectangular but can be arranged in sophisticated patterns including herringbone or cobblestone. These designs will pull the eye upward rather than towards the sharp corners of the house.

Gabled or Side Gable

Gabled roofs are another style typically found on Colonial-inspired homes. Two sides of the roof slope upwards to meet at a peak. The difference between a gabled roof and a hipped roof is that there tend to be a few different segments of gables instead of one peaked hip. Side gabled homes are a variation where one sloping side faces the front of the house rather than the sides.

The gabled roof offers a lot of visible surface area for the slate shingles especially since these styles also tend to feature dormers. Slate shingles arranged in horizontal lines are particularly attractive against the broken up geometric segments of a gabled or side gable roof.

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