Five Things That May Damage Your Roof

Since your roof is a crucial component to your home, it needs to be in great condition to protect the structure from outside elements. These five things may cause damage if you ignore them.

Gutter Clogs

Your gutter system needs to be working properly to drain the water running off your roof. You may only see it as an inconvenience when the water overflows from the side of the gutters, but the water could be doing more damage than you think.

If water is overflowing towards the outside of your home, it is overflowing towards the inside as well. Water can get underneath your shingles and cause your roof deck to rot. In the winter, that water can freeze and cause the shingles to lift up off your roof and cause even more damage.

Large Tree Limbs

Have tall trees surrounding your home? Look out for branches that hanging over your roof, and have them cut down before they fall down. A tree limb can cause major structural damage, and it will come down when you least expect it due to a storm or even nature taking its course.


Overhanging tree limbs are also a way that pests gain access to your home's roof. Animals like raccoons, rats, and squirrels can cause some significant damage to a roof as they try to tear the roof apart to find food and shelter. If a nearby tree is how they have access to your home's roof, you can trim the branches or install a metal tree band around your tree to prevent pests from climbing up the trunk.

UV Rays

The ultraviolet rays from the sun will slowly wear down your shingles over the years. You will notice that the shingles become more brittle and dry, and will eventually lose their waterproofing qualities. The best thing you can do to slow down the deterioration process is to have a reflective roof coating installed. It will help reflect those UV rays, and give your roof some extra years before it needs replacement.


Hail can damage your roof by causing shingles to become loose, or adding to the deterioration with hail impact. Hail will ruin the waterproof coating as the chunks of hail slowly chip away at it. If hail is a common problem in your area, you can protect your roof with roof boards, or switch to a more durable roofing material like metal.

If you have roof damage caused by any of these five things, work with a professional roofing company, like Dome Construction Company, to repair the damage for you.