Concrete Roofing Repairs: How To Replace A Cracked Tile In 3 Easy Steps

One of the greatest benefits that comes along with choosing a concrete tile roof for your home is the ease with which these roofs can typically be repaired. In fact, in the event that one of your roofing tiles becomes cracked, you will be able to repair this damage on your own in just three easy steps without the need for expensive or complex equipment. In order to complete this task, simply follow the steps outlined below.

What You Will Need

  • replacement tile (make sure the tile is the same size and depth as the tile you will be replacing)
  • 2 flat bars
  • hammer and roofing nails (only necessary if your existing tiles are nailed down)

Step 1: Raise Surrounding Tiles

Before you are able to remove the damaged tile, you will need to raise the tiles surrounding it so that they are no longer resting on the cracked tile. In order to do this, begin by sliding a flat bar under the right edge of the tile directly above the one you will be replacing. Next, you will need to slide another flat bar beneath the closest edge of the tile to the left of the one you will be replacing. These flat bars will need to remain in place until your repair is complete.

Step 2: Remove Damaged Tile

Now that you are able to access the damaged tile, take a moment to make note of how the tile is attached to the roof. While most concrete tiles will simply hook on to a small wood board that runs behind the tiles, some will be nailed in place. This is especially common when dealing with a high pitched roof or when making repairs to the bottom few rows of your roofing tiles.

If your tile is hooked in place, simply lift the back of the tile in order to free it from the wood board and then slide the tile out of place.

If your tile is nailed in place, you will need to use your hammer to pry the nails from the tile before it can be removed. When completing this task, be sure that you do not apply too much pressure to the tile or you could end up causing more damage.

Step 3: Install New Tile

Once the damaged tile is out of the way, simply slide your replacement tile into place and secure it using the same method that was used to secure the previous tile. After the new tiles is in place, carefully remove the flat bars from the tiles surrounding the repaired area. Your roof tile repair is now complete.

A Final Thought

While repairing the damage to your concrete roof may be easy, walking on a concrete roof without causing more damage can be considerably more difficult for some people. If you find that you are struggling to access the damaged roof tile, you will need to contact a professional repair contractor to do the work for you in order to prevent further damage to your roof. Contact a company like Scurrah's Roofing for more information.