How To Deal With A Slate Roof That Is Damaged

Many people use slate for their roof because it is an incredibly durable material, but a slate roof will not last forever. Damage can occur to a slate roof, and when it happens, it is difficult to decide on repairing or replacing it. By understanding slate roof damage, you can decide what is best for your roof:

Slate Types

The first step is to determine the kind of slate that you have on your roof, and how long it has been there. A slate roof can be constructed with either hard or soft slate. Hard slate can be incredibly durable, lasting for as long as 200 years in some situations. Soft slate is not nearly as durable, but still pretty good compared to asphalt shingles. A soft slate roof could last for around 60 years.

It can be very difficult to determine what kind of slate is on your roof if you have never worked with slate before, so you are better off having a professional roofing contractor come to your house and tell you. They will also help determine the age of the slate as well. A soft slate roof that is approaching 60 years may mean it is time to replace it, but a 30 year old soft slate roof could be better off with a repair.

Damage Types

If you only have a couple damaged tiles, and everything else about your roof looks good, repair is the best option. A roofing contract can come out to your home and fix the damage for you in an afternoon. If you have damaged flashing, the repair work will be more extensive, but can still be done.

Replacement should only be necessary when the slate tiles are starting to deteriorate because they have reached the end of their lifespan. While a roofing contractor will be able to identify poor slate roof tiles for you, there are some trouble signs you can identify on your own.

Check to see if there is any powder underneath your slate tiles. You may want to randomly check a few on different spots in the roof, as some might have seen more wear and tear over the years than others due to their placement. Check the top surface of the tile and see if it starting to flake. A slate tile that is starting to go will also make a dull thud sound if you hit it firmly with your hand.

By being aware of slate roof damage, you can make a determination if it is time to repair or replace the roofing tiles. To learn more, contact a company like Karbella Construction with any questions you have.