Four Benefits Of Foam Roofing For Commercial Buildings

Whether you run a factory, and office building, or a retail store, you will most likely face issues with your building's roof at some point. While there are many roofing products on the market today, some are more beneficial for business owners than others. Spray foam roofing offers a number of benefits for business owners that make it a natural choice for re-roofing your building.

Thermal Insulation Properties

Spray foam helps keep warm air inside your building more effectively. This is because spray foam roofing has a higher R value than other materials. The R value refers to a material's ability to prevent heat from escaping. Spray foam is used for roofing and for insulating homes, and its R value is high enough to ensure your building stays warm all winter long, keeping your company's heating costs down.

Leak Resistance Around Rooftop Fixtures

Your company's HVAC system is likely on the roof, and you might have other vents and fans on the roof as well. With traditional roofing, you would need to have flashing installed to prevent leaks from between the roofing and these rooftop items. Since foam roofing conforms to the entire roof without leaving cracks and crevices, there is no need for flashing, plus you get a watertight seal. This keeps your roof maintenance costs low while protecting the interior of your building during harsh weather.

Lightweight Design

Unlike asphalt shingles or tiles, foam doesn't weigh a lot. This means it can be applied over your existing roofing, which reduces the amount of time it takes to install your new roof and eliminates some of the costs associated with adding a new roof to your location. The lightweight material can also be reapplied to any areas that experience damage quickly and easily, so roofing repairs take a minimal amount of time.

Seamless Design

With other roofing materials and underlayment, there are seams that can become susceptible to damage and leaks. This is simply because there is no underlayment or single shingle that can cover your entire roof. Spray foam roofing, on the other hand, can cover your entire roof in one seamless application. This means that there are no vulnerable points on your roof, so you can be confident that it will remain free from leaks and damage.

Choosing a new roof for your commercial building can be a difficult and expensive process, but spray foam roofing (such as is provided by outlets like Armstrong Installation Service) provides long-lasting protection that reduces costs and keeps your building warm and secure.