Should You Replace Or Repair Roof Damage?

When the roof of your home becomes damaged, you will need to figure out if it will be best to repair the damage or replace the roof entirely. A total roof replacement can be very expensive, and most homeowners will try to avoid doing it unless it is absolutely necessary. By understanding when it is okay to repair a damaged roof, you will be able to save yourself money on unnecessary roof replacement.

Factor The Roof's Age

When deciding if you should repair your damaged roof, start by figuring out how old the roof is. This is because roofs are not designed to last forever, and will eventually need to be replaced when the shingles wear down.

Since it is possible that the last time your roof was replaced was by the previous owner, you will need to make your best guess at the age of the roof based on what you know. Factor in the age of the home, the type of shingles it uses, and a minimum age based on how long you have been living in the home.

Factor The Type Of Shingle

The type of shingles you have will help determine if it is time to replace them. A standard 3-tab asphalt shingle will last 15-18 years, while an architectural asphalt shingle can add as many as 12 more years to its lifespan. Long-lasting materials like metal and concrete tile can last up to 45 and 50 years, respectively.

If your home's roof is approaching one of these milestones, it will be better to replace it.

Factor The Damage

A newer roof might only require a patch to get it working properly again. Replacing individual shingles or flashing is easy to do on your own if you are handy, or you can hire a roofing contractor to do the repair for you.

Shingles that are cracked may have exposed the roof to moisture over time. This could cause water to seep behind the shingles, and ruin a very large chunk of your home's roof. In that case, shingles will need to be replaced all the way to the bottom of the roof. Larger damage like this may require complete roof replacement.

Factor The Climate

Very dry or hot weather will cause shingle cracking to occur due to the shingle being dry. If cracking has extended across a significant portion of the roof, a patch job won't cut it.

By understanding these 4 factors, you will know if it's best to repair or replace a damaged roof.